The 7th edition of ZONES Contemporary Art Fair takes place December 3- 9, 2013 in the Miami Design District.   Zones Art Fair is wired to the cultural rhythm of Miami through its ten years of work with the artistic community as an activator in the cultural scene of this city presenting the best-unrepresented artists through their unique and exciting programs.  We seek to make non-represented artists visible to collectors and curators.  This year’s Zones will merge the fair concept with performance festival to create a niche performance based fair that includes live performances, exhibitions, video screening, talks and music. 

Zones’ focus is on making the work of up-and-coming artists more accessible to the public. This year's edition crosses multiple creative disciplines to offer a daily exciting program of live action performances by international artists under the title PERFORMIA1.  PERFORMIA1 is the first edition of a performance festival, which seeks to introduce performance art to the art fair platform.  PERFORMIA 1’s aim is to inform viewers of the potential capacities of performance art today. The fair offers visitors a detour from the labyrinthine art-fair set-up. One can encounter anything from sculpture, video screenings and paintings to performance pieces, all in a casual atmosphere. Zones’ new location at the Design District, across from Locust Projects and close to the De La Cruz Collection allows for viewers to explore an exciting and creative area of Miami. 

Contact:  Charo Oquet - 305 303 8852                              

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DATES:    Preview:      November 21, 20130       6:00 – 9 PM.

                 Fair Dates:   December 3 – 9, 2013   10:00 – 6 PM.

                 Saturday :    December 7 -                 10:00-10 PM

NEW LOCATION: 3850 NE. Miami Ct. Miami, FL 33137 - Miami Design District

About Edge Zones

Edge Zones is an artist – run 501(c) (3) non-profit forum for contemporary art and cultural exchange, dedicated to the strengthening of the contemporary art environment in Miami. EZ seeks to provide opportunities and resources for under recognized artists making contemporary art accessible, engaging and to create a focal point for international research and awareness. 

Edge Zones provide artists, student, scholars and art professionals resources during the different stages of their career resources for the production and disseminating their professional development in national and international forums by establishing a strong regional exchange network connected to the rest of the world.

Fair Location: 3850 NE. Miami Ct. Miami, FL 33137

Anonymous Boh, Toomas Kuusing  and Peeter Allik | Marcelo Gandhi | Brian Gefen  | John Germain | Ivania Guerrero | Benoit Izard  | Dave Kudzma  | David Marsh | Christine Navin |  Charo Oquet |  Joseriverto Perez | Kristen Soller |